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We are Innovative and Responsive + You have needs and thrive on Innovation.

Combine the two and a Win-Win Relationship is created

It's more about you than it is about us. Two Square Science Products are developed with customers for customers. 

We truly want to know how our products can better serve your needs and how New and Innovative products will drive your growth. When you Win, we Win too.

At Two Square Science,  we know that Customer Service and Responsiveness can be the key to your business. What we want to know is how we can best serve your needs. We want to provide you with products that Make Life Better and in a way that is Friendly and Responsive to you.

It's more about you than it is about us!

About Us

Well since you asked....

The foundation of Two Square Science began in 1998 with its roots in the disciplines of Engineering and in the business of bringing automation to industry.

Today, Two Square Science serves its customers Worldwide and is headquartered in historic Fall River, MA USA. We proudly design, manufacture, and sell automated test and monitoring equipment and products for the pharmaceutical, life science, and biotech industries.

Research and development is a key and continuing part of the Two Square Science story. And as always, we strive to develop products and systems that positively impact our customers and their industries, by listening, and then innovating and responding to their stated needs through cooperative development.

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95 Robb Way

Fall River, MA 02720 

Phone: 508-672-6191 

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