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What is LabEye?

LabEye is a system to Visualize and Record your Environment.  

With Multiple Cameras, LabEye will help you see things you've never seen before. You'll Visualize and Record your Lab Environment in all new ways. Best In Class Image Quality comes as a standard part of LabEye to show details you need to know. 

Laboratories can be harsh environments. Designed to Fit your Lab, LabEye is specifically designed to be right at home in difficult surroundings. All recordings are further protected, Traceable and Secure, within LabEye's Command Center. 

Simplicity is built into the LabEye. A built in scheduler makes recording and organizing your visual data easy. Within minutes, LabEye can be placed in your lab and gathering valuable data.

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Visualize and Record

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Multiple Cameras


Visualize and Record with Multiple Cameras

Introducing LabEye. 

Welcome to new capability in your Lab. With Up to 8 cameras per LabEye Command Center, you can visualize and record your equipment from the perfect angle no matter what. Ever try to troubleshoot your process or equipment and find that the moment you left your Lab the event you needed to see occurred? Have you set up a camerat to capture your data only to find out later that the camera wasn't quite able to see what you needed to see? LabEye solves these issues and many more with it's ability to Visualize and Record Multiple Cameras at once. 

Best in Class Image Quality

LabEye cameras record in full HD, 30fps for incredible image clarity with no blurred motion. Imagine being able to Visualize and Record with the detail you need. Capturing your critical footage while your not looking in variable lighting conditions with the sharpness and color depth that helps you better understand your environment. 

It's easy to configure the picture too. For each camera, you can choose auto or fixed focus. Gamma is adjustable and hue is too. Easy setup yet full control when your application demands it ensures the perfect picture every time.

Stream video and capture images that are razor sharp with LabEye Best in Class Image Quality.


featuring Best in Class Image Quality

Designed to Fit Your Lab

Designed to Fit Your Lab


Stands Up to Harsh Environments

LabEye camera mounts are incredibly flexible and adaptable. To make it even easier to integrate into lab equipment we have created several custom mounting plates that ensure perfect viewing angles and neat cable routing for popular lab equipment.

LabEye mounts are being continuously added. If you don't already see the mount you need, contact us with the details of your application. 

The camera housing and mount are 100% chemically compatible and spill resistant. For extremely wet environments we offer a fully waterproof camera housing as well - contact us for more details.

LabEye is Designed to Fit Your Lab!


The LabEye and its Software are designed with Simplicity in mind. 

In minutes, LabEye can be recording in your Lab. Setting up LabEye is simple; just connect the cameras to the Command Center, place the cameras where you want them and you're ready to go. 

Everything you need is right on the main screen of the LabEye Software. Simply click on the operation you want to perform and LabEye will spring into action. More advanced control is a click away if you need it. 

Unmatched functionality with Simplicity by Design!

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Simplicity Built-In

Traceable and Secure


Your Data is Secure

It's important that the data you gather is secure. This is especially true for high technology Lab Environments. LabEye is Traceable so you know who has access and Secure so only approved users have the ability to work with your data. 

Access to the LabEye is only possible for authenticated users. Any action in the system is logged. All files created in the system are automatically identified and recorded. We provide one-click validation to ensure that files which have been downloaded from LabEye Command Center have not been tampered with or altered.

Your Data is Secure with LabEye!







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